Calendar of Events - Cyclades

NAXOS ISLANDPotato FestivalIn July, the Union of Rural Cooperatives in cooperation with the cultural association of Saint Arsenios and the Region of South Aegean organise a fabulous potato festival. More than 4.000 people participate every year enjoying dancing with traditional music and tasting many recipes based on potatoes. Naxos is well known for its delicious potatoes, cultivating almost 17.000 tons every year and 1.500 tons of potato seeds.
NAXOS ISLAND - KOMIAKI VILLAGEWine FestivalNaxos is known also as the island of Dionysus. The residents cultivate 5.646 acres of vineyards producing tasteful and fragrant varieties of wines. At the end of every summer the Komiaki village takes on the whole procedure of wine production. The villagers collect the grapes, they squeeze them in the traditional grape mill and transfer the grape must using animals into the vats. Afterwards, everyone tastes the wine that had already being produced, as well as local delicacies whilst listening to traditional music.
NAXOS ISLAND - MONI VILLAGERaki FestivalDuring October all the traditional distilleries of the island prepare to produce raki. The fragrance of the produced spirits and the aromas of the baked goat meat and quinces spread all over the island. In late November, in the village of Moni the raki festival takes place where everyone is invited to watch the procedure of raki’s distillation and taste the traditional spirit.
NAXOS ISLANDHoney FestivalBecause of its rich flora, Naxos has approximately 5.000 beehives, producing almost 50 tons of virgin thyme annually. The honey festival takes place during August having many educational activities focused on both children and adults. The villagers also reveal many recipes based on honey.
NAXOS ISLANDOlive Oil FestivalEvery start of the year, the olive oil festival brings many visitors to the traditional oil mill of Damalas village, to watch the traditional production of olive oil, and celebrate with the locals by tasting the delicacies made by the housewives of the village.
NAXOS ISLANDGraviera FestivalApproximately 1.000 tons of the famous graviera cheese is produced every year on the island. the cheese is labelled as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Because of its rich flora and the perfect climate conditions, Naxos has about 4.500 bovines and 110.000 goats and sheep. The produced varieties of cheese and meat are well known for their excellent quality. The festival takes place in September, it is organized by the Union of Rural Cooperatives and aims to further promote this famous product.
NAXOS ISLAND - TOWN AND APOLLONAS VILLAGEFishermen’s FestivalAbout 3.000 tons of fish are fished from around the waters of Naxos by the local fishermen fleet. The fishermen’s festivals take place during the name day of Saint Nikolaos (in December), in the medieval settlement, known as Chora, and in early summer in Apollonas village.
SCHINOUSSA ISLANDBroad Been/Fava Been FestivalKnown as the gold of Schinoussa, its fava seeds and the knowledge of its cultivation were passed down through generations since the Middle Ages. It is a high quality and nutritional product consisting an important part of the famous Mediterranean diet. Many young and new farmers came back to their homeland in order to cultivate fava and Schinoussa became again a living island because of this product. Every year, the first Saturday of July, this local festival takes place consisting of fava, fish, wine and raki.
KOUFONISSIA ISLANDSFisherman’s FestivalEvery June, the Cultural Association, named as “Keros” in cooperation with the local fishermen and the residents, organizes a fest with traditional music, delicacies from fish, raki boiled with honey, wine which are offered to the guests. The fest begins from the sunset till the dawn.
AMORGOS ISLANDPasteli (Sesame Seed Candy) FestivalAfter the 15th of August, the traditional producers of pasteli offer to visitors delicious and nutritional candy on lemon leaves along with raki.
AMORGOS ISLAND - AEGIALI VILLAGEXerotigano FestivalXerotigano is a traditional candy (baked bread with honey) and during this festival, the residents of Aegiali village, prepare it and offer it to visitors alongside the sounds of traditional music.
AMORGOS ISLAND - KATAPOLARaki FestivalOn the 26th of July in Katapola village the raki festival takes place full of music, dancing and local delicacies.
SANTORINI ISLAND - PERISSA VILLAGEFisherman’s FeastThe festival is held in Perissa village (the creek of Koladas) during the last weekend of August. The "Fisherman’s Feast" refers to the representation of the traditional way of fishing in Santorini at the time that there were no mechanical means.
SANTORINI ISLANDVedemaIt is celebrated during the first Saturday of August and organized by Santo Wines (the cooperative union of local products of Santorini). It is a celebration of the first day of the year’s harvest and a representation of the traditional way of harvesting. It is accompanied by local songs and customs of the viticulture.
SANTORINI ISLANDFeast day of St. AverkiosThe feast day of St. Averkios, who is patron saint of the Santorini Wines. The previous day, the wine makers open the barrels of the new harvest.
SANTORINI ISLANDWine Tourism Conference1st International Wine Tourism Conference (IMIC 2016, Wine Tourism)
PAROS ISLAND - NAOUSSA VILLAGESea FestivalFrom the 70’s, every July, a festival takes place in Naoussa village dedicated to the sea. The local Women Association of the village which organizes this event, offers fresh fried fish, raki (named as “souma” in Paros) and wine to the guests. Many local traditional music groups take part in this festival.
PAROS ISLAND - PAROIKIASeine Fishing Net FestivalIn Parikia village every July, the local authority of the island organizes this festIval offering fresh fried fish, souma and wine to the guests. Live traditional music accompanies this event.
PAROS ISLAND - PRODROMOS VILLAGEChickpea FestivalRevithada, a traditional recipe based on chickpeas is baked in old fashioned ovens (heated by woods and charcoals) in Prodromos village every August. The guests have the opportunity to watch the preparation of revithada, which is baked from Saturday night till Sunday morning and is served after the prayers in the village church. Many delicacies based on chickpeas are being offered to visitors accompanied by wine, souma and traditional music. There is also a photo gallery which consists of old photos showing the cultivation of chickpeas throughout the ages.
PAROS ISLAND - ALYKI VILLAGEFish FestivalTakes place in Alyki village every August where the guests can taste fresh fish and wine.
PAROS ISLAND - LEFKES VILLAGEKaravola’s (local name for snails) FestivalEvery first Saturday after the 15th of August, a well known festival dedicated to snails takes place in the mountain village of Lefkes. The traditional recipe, made up of snails baked with garlic, is served accompanied by wine and traditional music.
SYROS ISLAND - FINIKAS VILLAGEKakavia (bouillabaisse) FestivalEvery August the fishermen of the island cook the delicious recipe of kakavia and offer it to guests along with wine.
SYROS ISLAND - POSEIDONIA VILLAGESardine FestivalEvery August on Agkathopes beach, a festival is held dedicated to the seine fishing nets and the sardines. Great quantities of sardines are baked on charcoal and served to guests and locals.
SYROS ISLAND - FINIKAS VILLAGEZucchini FestivalFestival For the last 4 years, every June in the village of Finikas, this festival takes place dedicated to zucchinis. Traditional recipes based on this product are offered to locals and guests along with traditional music and wine.
SYROS ISLAND - VARI VILLAGETrigopati FestVisitors to this festival have the opportunity to watch the grapes being pressed.
SYROS ISLAND - HERMOUPOLISShrimp FestDelicacies based on shrimps are served to visitors.
SYROS ISLAND - PAGOS VILLAGEPastelaria FestPastelaria is a local candy, made by figs and sesame seeds.
SYROS ISLAND - POSEIDONIA VILLAGETraditional candies and liquers exhibitionHandmade confectionery and liqueurs made by local produce.
TINOS ISLAND - KOMI VILLAGEArtichoke FestivalArtichoke is one of the main agricultural products of Tinos, which the residents have cultivated throughout the ages. Every June, in the village of Komi, the ladies of the village prepare many recipes based on artichoke and offer them to visitors.
TINOS ISLAND - KOMI VILLAGECaper FestivalThe Cyclades are well known for high quality capers grown on their typical dry soil. Every August in the village of Potamia many delicacies are served based on caper.
KIMOLOS ISLANDLadenia FestivalLadenia is a traditional recipe from Kimolos, quite similar to pizza, full of tomatoes and onions. Every August the locals organise a festival dedicated to Ladenia.
ANDROS ISLANDFourtalia FestivalFourtalia is a type of omelette with potatoes, sausages and local cheese. Every August in Messaria village, visitors and locals have the opportunity to taste this delicacy which is prepared and served by villagers.
SIFNOS ISLAND - ARTEMONAS VILLAGETselementes FestivalSifnos is well known for its legacy on gastronomy. This famous festival takes place in the village of Artemonas, every September and is dedicated to the Sifnian chef, Nikolaos Tselementes. In this event, delegations (consisted from professional chefs and amateurs) from other Cycladic islands visit Sifnos in order to cook and offer their traditional recipes to the guests. Every island has a stand and for three days many traditional delicacies of the Aegean islands are being served. There are also some cooking lessons for the young children, giving them the opportunity to be familiarized with the legacy of their island.