Governance Structure

South Aegean Candidacy
European Region of Gastronomy 2019

A well-structured governance plan for such an ambitious project is key to success.

Through the application process we learned that discipline and cooperation are a necessary path whilst it is extremely important to respect diversity. Successful teamwork is already a legacy we have gained from this process and we are now ready to go to the next phase and are all set for new challenges.

The Political Committee Board

The Political Board takes all the appropriate final decisions regarding the project.
It consists of five members and representatives of the three main institutions which are The Region of South Aegean, The Regional Development Fund and the Region’s Development Agency.

Mr George Hatzimarkos
Governor of South Aegean

Head of the Board President of the Regional Development Fund and President of the Region’s Development Agency


Mr George Leontaritis

Vice-Governor of Cyclades

Mr Filimon Zannetidis

Vice-Governor of Primary Sector and Regional Policy

Mr Louis Soroniatis

Managing Director of the Regional Development Agency

Mrs Heidi Lazani

Head of the Executive Committee Board

The Executive Committee Board

The Executive Board is made up of ten committee members who are organizing and managing the whole project, debating with the stakeholders and structuring the bid book.
It consists of people who work with the three Institutions mentioned above.
Head of the Board
Mrs Heidi Lazani

the Governor’s Scientific Consultant and Office Director

The members are:
Mr Ioannis Paschalides

Director of the Tourism, Culture and Sports Department

Mrs Tania Roussou

Head of the Department of Local Products Promotion of Dodecanese

Mrs Konstantina Vlahou

Head of the Department of Local Products Promotion of Cyclades

Mrs Suzanna Triantafyllou

Culture Department

Mr Miltiadis Haristis

Head of the Department of Electronic Governance

Mr Nikolaos Renesis

Director of the Regional Plant Nursery

Mrs Maria Zoedou

Head of the Culture & Sports Department of Cyclades

Mr Ioannis Kaltsas

Culture Department

Mrs Lisa Tsopanaki

Press Office - Media Specialist

Mr George Minatsis

Financial Analyst