Focus Areas


Sustainability is a key factor for the future of our Region, especially when it comes to activities related to gastronomy: the production and consumption of food should be done in a way that preserves our local natural resources without endangering or exhausting them. Also, the protection and preservation of our food culture and local culinary traditions is crucial for the sustainable development of our islands.

The Region of South Aegean, through the European Region of Gastronomy Award, aims at developing a more sustainable food production and consumption as far as tourism and gastronomy practices are concerned. An important first step has been made through the Aegean Cuisine initiative with the dining establishments and any business where the visitor is in direct contact with the flavours and dishes of the Aegean, since businesses eligible to participate are the ones offering or selling locally-made products, food and wine from the Aegean. Our aspiration is also to try and include in this initiative the large hotel complexes and resorts in order to boost the Region’s sustainability and efficiency.