Calendar of Events - Dodecanese

PARADEISI VILLAGE RHODESLOCAL STRAWBERRY FESTIVALThe festival is dedicated to strawberries, one of the most important produce of Paradeisi village. It takes place every spring and is a great success.
AFANTOU VILLAGE RHODESLOCAL PANCAKE FESTIVALThis festival involves housewives from Afantou village who make the local pancake "tiganita" in large quantities, enough to satisfy visitors from all over Rhodes island, accompanied by the local orchestra and local traditional dances.
AFANTOU VILLAGE RHODESLOCAL APRICOT FESTIVALIn Afantou village a festival also takes place dedicated to the produce of apricot, with marmalades and sweets made of this delicious fruit.
MONILITHOS VILLAGE RHODESTHE FESTIVAL OF THE FARMER & THE BREEDERMonolithos is a village in the hills having extensive cattle farming. This festival gives the visitor the opportunity of learning and seeing how livestock products are made and taste.
KALYTHIES VILLAGERHODIAN TRADITIONAL GASTRONOMY FESTIVALOne of the most touristic places of Rhodes island, Faliraki - in the coastal part of Kalythies village - has a big fiesta once a year for the visitors to the island. Traditional dances and songs from several local culture clubs and special dishes made of local products by chefs from all the hotels in the area, is an unforgetable experience for everyone.
DAMATRIA VILLAGE RHODESLOCAL BEER FESTIVALDamatria is transformed for this big village event through the impressively decorated central square, with plenty of beer for everyone.
SIANNA VILLAGE RHODESLOCAL SUMA & HONEY FESTIVALSianna village, one of the biggest honey and grape producers in Rhodes island, gives the visitor an opportunity to taste the high quality local honey and enjoy the local spirit named "suma".
SALAKOS VILLAGE RHODESLOCAL TRADITIONAL FOOD "YAPRAKI" FESTIVALIn Salakos village the local housewives cook the traditional "yapraki" (vine leaves stuffed with rice, meat, and spices including cumin) for this big fiesta with traditional dances from local culture clubs and a traditional orchestra.
EMPONA VILLAGE RHODESLOCAL WINE FESTIVALThe 5 biggest wineries of Rhodes are located in Empona village as well as many of the smallest producers of wine. They therefore host the big wine festival of the island which provides plenty of wine for every visitor as well as several desserts made from grapes.
PLATANIA VILLAGE RHODESLOCAL BREAD FESTIVALThe small village of Platania provides its own gastronomic tastes and aromas every autumn as the housewives of the village bake bread and cook other local dishes for visitors.
KATTAVIA VILLAGE RHODESLOCAL BEAN FESTIVALThe festival is dedicated to the local produce known as "lopi", a type of bean that grows only in Kattavia village. The Club of Dodecanese Chefs participate in this event which serves traditionally cooked beans as well as innovative ways of serving this legume.
RHODES TOWNMEDIEVAL FESTIVAL OF OLD TOWNThe festival depicts everyday life in Rhodes during the medieval era. All those involved in festival dress in traditional medieval clothes and serve delicacies based on medieval recipies. Actors dressed as knights enact a parade.
KRITINIA VILLAGE RHODESMEDIEVAL FESTIVAL OF KRITINIA'S CASTLEThe festival depicts everyday life in Rhodes during the medieval era. All those involved in festival dress in traditional medieval clothes and serve delicacies based on medieval recipies. Actors dressed as knights enact a parade.
LINDOS VILLAGE RHODESMEDIEVAL FESTIVAL OF LINDOS' CASTLEThe festival depicts everyday life in Rhodes during the medieval era. All those involved in festival dress in traditional medieval clothes and serve delicacies based on medieval recipies. Actors dressed as knights enact a parade.
LEIPSOI ISLANDLOCAL WINE FESTIVALDodecanese wine-tasting in the beautiful island of Leipsoi.
KALYMNOS ISLANDLOCAL HONEY FESTIVALKalymnos island produces honey and every August a large festival is organised with products made of honey and a show of traditional music and dances.
ASTYPALAIA ISLANDPANAGIA PORTAITISA FESTIVALThree days festival with traditional music and local delicacies. The housewives of the village prepare and offer guests a local recipe named "Lampriano".
PATMOS ISLANDCELEBRATION OF THE VIRGIN MARYA festival dedicated to the religious celebration of the Virgin Mary on the 15th of August. Her holy portrait is carried by fishermen across the village and guests have the opportunity to taste local grapes, figs, cheese pies, soumada (local raki), whilst enjoying traditional music and dance.
PATMOS ISLANDTRADITION & TASTE FESTIVALIn this festival, 5 to 9 islands including Syros, Tinos, Folegandros, Leipsoi, Agathonisi, Kalymnos, Astypalaia participate every year. Every island shows its own traditional recipe and its own traditional songs and dances. The highlight of the event is the participation of famous chefs like Lefteris Lazarou, Vefa Alexiadou, Eutimis Bletsas and Eleni Psihouli who publicise the event through photographs on their respective websites. There is also a competition for the best recipe and a book containing the best recipes is published.
ANTIMACHIA VILLAGE KOSTHE SHEPART FESTIVALLocal breeders with their unique and delicius products offer the visitor a special gastronomic experience.
KARDAMAINA VILLAGE KOSFOLKLOR EVENINGAn orchestra of local folk "rempetiki" music where the visitors can drink local wine for free.
MASTIHARI VILLAGE KOSLOCAL WINE FESTIVALKos island host a very famous winery in the Dodecanese with many award-winning wines every August. This festival gives visitors an opportunity to enjoy them.
KEFALOS VILLAGE KOSLOCAL TRAWLERS FESTIVALThe event takes place in the port of Kefalos village with a display of traditional fishing with trawlers. A huge fish barbeque follows that is served to the visitors accompanied by traditional music and dance.
ANTIMACHIA VILLAGE KOSLOCAL HONEY FESTIVALA traditional festival with the participation of famous traditional singers. During the festival, locals offer visitors honey and sweets based on bee products.
PYLI VILLAGE KOS"CHIROSFAGIA"Pigs' Slaughter and preparation of local sausages.
KASOS ISLANDHALOWEEN PROM WITH TRADITIONAL HOME MADE PASTA WITH GARLIC CALLED "SKORDELA"Local Carnival. A traditional pasta called "Makarounes" is baked with garlic is served known as "Skordelas".
KASOS ISLANDTHE JUDAS BURNINGReligious celebration which depicts the burning of Judas. Local delicacies are offered.
KASOS ISLANDEVENT CALLED "SWINGS"A festival named "kounies" which is the Greek word for swings. The young men swing unmarried young ladies and a traditional meal takes place.
KASOS ISLANDEXCURSIONA day trip where the guest have the opportunity to watch the preparation of "Taramosalata", which is a Greek dip made out of fish eggs.
KASOS ISLANDCUSTOM OF "KLIDONAS"Religious celebration having traditional pancakes (churros) known as "loukoumades".
KASOS ISLANDLOCAL CHEESE "SITAKA" FESTIVALTraditional food festival where the locals cook dishes with the local sitaka cheece.
KASOS ISLANDLOCAL HONEY FESTIVALLocals offer visitors honey and sweets based on bee products during this festival.
KARPATHOS ISLAND"PATINADES" IN KARPATHOSTen karpathian patinades (lovers' songs which were sung at the end of festivals many years ago). The participants wear traditional custumes and baklavas (Greek sweets) are served to guests.
KARPATHOS ISLANDLOCAL FESTIVAL "MENOULLAS" FROM THE FISHERMEN OF THE ISLANDFish Festival where the locals are fishing and cooking together the menoullas fish.